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Hutchinson Kennel Club
131 S. Washington
South Hutchinson, KS 67505

(620) 662-4782

We train you to train your dog

HKC Constitution   *    HKC Policies  *   AKC Code of Sportsmanship

Who We Are

We know what a pleasure a well-trained dog can be and are committed to helping you train yours.

The Hutchinson Kennel Club offers different types of classes for your dogs and yourself.

The Hutchinson Kennel Club was established in 1954 and is an All-Breed Member Club of the American Kennel Club. We are a 501 C 4 not-for-profit organization.  
 As such, our primary mission or purpose is to promote the sport of purebred dogs.  In conjunction with this mission, we offer classes or other instruction in obedience, agility, conformation, and herding, and we have members who are involved in scent work, tracking and hunting-dog competitions.  We can assist dog owners in preparing for these types of competition.  Mixed-breed dogs may complete in AKC events.


The Hutchinson Agility Training Team, Inc., which trains at the Hutchinson Kennel Club building, offers United Kennel Club (UKC) agility classes, both for persons who own purebred dogs and for mixed-breed dog owners.  This fulfills a mission to promote activities that increase the bond between dog and owner and that are enjoyed by both dogs and owners.


The Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc., has been involved in promoting responsible dog ownership since its inception.  We know that an educated dog owner, and a well-trained dog, are a formula for one of life’s best long-term friendships.  To fulfill this mission, we offer puppy kindergarten and basic obedience classes to the public.  These classes offer instruction on problem-solving dog behavior issues, basic dog psychology, and physical care of one’s dog.  To promote responsible dog ownership, we also offer the AKC’s Canine Good Citizenship program, where your dog can earn his/her CGC certificate for demonstrating appropriate pro-social behavior.

The Hutchinson Kennel Club Inc., has the following shows/trials/sanctioned events annually:

  •           One all breed AKC-licensed dog show, usually In June of each year,
  •           One AKC agility trial usually in November
  •           One AKC Obedience/Rally Trial usually in October
  •           One AKC-sanctioned, all breed B/OB/RallyB Match usually in May

The Hutchinson Agility Training Team, Inc., usually offers two or three agility trials, usually in January, March, and August.

As a club with a mission to promote the sport of purebred dogs, the Hutchinson Kennel Club supports the ethical, responsible breeding of purebred dogs.  We are opposed to puppies/dogs being sold through brokers or in pet stores and encourage the purchase of puppies/dogs directly from a responsible breeder.

The Hutchinson Kennel Club, Inc., is opposed to many of the goals of animal-rights organizations such has PETA, the Doris Day Animal League, and HSUS.  We believe, instead, in promoting dog welfare by educating dog owners on humane care of dogs.  We oppose dog abuse, neglect, and cruelty.



Objectives of the Club

  • To further the advancement of all breeds of pure-bred dogs and engage in educational activities devoted to this advancement.
  • To conduct dog shows, obedience trials, and sanctioned matches under the rules of the American Kennel Club.
  • To devote all profits accruing to the Club to the above purposes or to make specific bequests to organizations under 501, C, 4 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 ( or Internal Revenue Law), provided that such bequests shall be approved by a majority vote of those in attendance and voting at a Club meeting.

If you need help with your dog, please contact us or sign up for a class. You can view current classes HERE:, or you can email the training director at .

What to Do to Become a Member

The applicant is to have two member sponsors (who are in good standing). The sponsor will provide you with a membership application.  The sponsors will invite the applicant to attend a regular club meeting, in person, as a guest and they will be introduced.

Once introduced (1st Meeting), the applicant must attend one additional regular monthly meetings (via zoom or in person). At the 3rd meeting they attend in person, the new applicant will be voted on by the other members. Affirmative votes of 2/3 of the members present are required to elect the applicant. An applicant who has been rejected may not apply for membership within 6 months.

Sponsors may not be members of the same household. The sponsors are to mentor the new member for two years. The mentor is to remind the new member of all meetings, dinners, and club-sponsored events and to answer any questions that he or she may have.

Applicant is informed that all members are expected to help with three events a year and also to attend a minimum of three meetings a year.

The applicant is required to agree to abide by the HKC Constitution and By-Laws, Policies and all the rules of the AKC, specifically the AKC Rules of Sportsmanship.

Because of these and other activities, the Hutchinson Kennel Club is a working club.  Members are expected to volunteer to help with these events, and with class instruction.  We cannot fulfill our missions and keep our costs down without volunteerism among our members—ALL our members.

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