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Hutchinson Kennel Club
131 S. Washington
South Hutchinson, KS 67505

(620) 662-4782

We train you to train your dog

AG4S: AG-Agility Skills - Weave Pole Class - LEVEL 3 CLASS

LEVEL 2 CLASS: In this 90-minute class, there are two main focuses. Agility skills as well as weave poles.  In agility, weave poles are possibly the hardest obstacle to learn and become proficient at. This class is designed to help you finish what was introduced to you in the Basic Agility Class involving the weave poles.  This part of the class focuses on helping you and your dog to become proficient at navigating the weave poles with confidence and independence and secure successful entrances and exits.

The 2
nd part of this class focuses on problem areas your team might be experiencing. This part of the class has no set itinerary as it works on specific skills or situations that the teams in the class might be struggling with or skills that you and your dog might want to practice more. This class concentrates on building skills and mastering the areas that are troubling to each individual team!  

Class is $75 for 6 sessions.

**NOTE** Please enter Handler's 1st name, dog's name and breed in the attendee box after selecting the date

Skill Level:
Dog must have successfully completed a Basic Agility class to enroll.

AG4S: AG-Agility Skills - Weave Pole Class - LEVEL 3 CLASS

$ 75.00
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