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Hutchinson Kennel Club
131 S. Washington
South Hutchinson, KS 67505

(620) 662-4782

We train you to train your dog

AG6I: AG-Agility Coursework LEVEL 5 CLASS

LEVEL 6 CLASS: In this class you will learn to put it all together. You will teach your dog to sequence more obstacles by using both verbal commands and your hand/ body language. This helps you to guide where your dog goes in the sequences. This is where it gets REALLY fun!!

Cost is $95 for 8 sessions.

**NOTE** Please enter Handler's 1st name, dog's name and breed in the attendee box after selecting the date

Skill Level:
Dogs must have successfully completed a Basic Agility Class

AG6I: AG-Agility Coursework LEVEL 5 CLASS

$ 95.00
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