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Hutchinson Kennel Club
131 S. Washington
South Hutchinson, KS 67505

(620) 662-4782

We train you to train your dog

AG-Intro 2 Agility - LEVEL 1 CLASS

CLASS LEVEL 1: This class is where you and your dog will learn the ground work (beginning movements) that will be used in all levels of Agility training.

AG-Agility Skills - Weave Pole Class - LEVEL 3 CLASS

LEVEL 3 CLASS: Build on what was introduced in Basic Agility and improve your dogs weave pole skills. We will also focus on any problem areas your team might have.

TR-2024 Obedience Doggie Parkour (Start 04/27/24)

Teach your dog obedience skills by using different outdoor objects to teach tricks, obedience skills and confidence. First Class is at HKC, the other locations will be mostly parks and announced at the first class. This Class is a "Play with a Purpose" class. This class consists of 6 class periods - each class is 50 minutes in length.

May 25
AG-Puppy Agility Skills - LEVEL 1 CLASS
May 25
AG-Basic Agility - LEVEL 2 CLASS
May 25
AG-Agility Coursework LEVEL 5 CLASS

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